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2024 Brigid Fest

2024 Brigid Fest

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Thank you to all who came out to the Iron Pavillion at Kirks Reservoir, Gong Gong for this year's Brigid Fest on Thursday 1st February 2024.  The weather was delightful again this year and the surroundings beautiful.

Thanks to Erin McCuskey for some lovely photos which have been posted on our Facebook page.  Here is the link to Erin's "Flickr" account:

Erin's photos include the wonderful Pascal who once again came with some crosses already made to give to some lucky people in attendance.  He then demonstrated how to make the crosses with some reeds that had been gathered for the occasion.  Fran Hanrahan was adept at making some smaller crosses from years of practice.  One family brought along a granddaughter and it was delightful to watch the interaction between Pascal and the grandfather, who had experience of making the crosses.

Mary Darcy hosted the afternoon which included stories, dancing and jong of green material to recreate the story of "St Brigid's Mantle"!

The legend of Brigid’s cloak is often told. It’s the story about the manner in which she came to acquire the land to build her monastery at Kildare. It is often regarded as one of the first miracles associated with her.  Here is a link to the Brigidine Sisters web page for more information:


Mary Darcy

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